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Romeo Gandolfi

Michael Richwine

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I've been offered a violin labeled Romeo Gandolfi, modern Italian. Have only seen photos so far, but they're typical snapshots. It looks clean, but I can't see enough detail to tell much more. Seller says she bought it from her teacher in 1968, and he wanted first right of refusal if she ever sold it, but she's lost contact. I've found two Gandolfis from the 20th century, but no Romeo. I expect to find a pretty decent violin, but does anyone know anything about this particular maker?  I'm  making a fairly long drive to look at this violin, and I won't have a lot of time to evaluate before I make a purchasing decision, so the more I know about the maker, the better.  I'll be grateful for any information anyone can contribute.

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1 hour ago, martin swan said:

I can't see anything to get excited about, and many alarm bells ringing!

Did you see this one : https://stringnet.com/romeo-gandolfi-florence/

They look new to me ...

IMHO,, Romiu Gandocescu might possibly be a better approximation of the maker's name.  :ph34r:  :lol:

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Turns out most everybody's instincts and perceptions were right. When I had the  fiddle in hand, I couldn't tell enough about the construction with just a flashlight and a mirror, but the workmanship just wasn't a "maker" violin. I told the seller it just wasn't what the label said, and that I thought it was from Romania or maybe Bulgaria. I added that it looked like some of the instruments that we used to bring in "in the white" from Romania to rework around the time she got hers. She observed that the teacher who sold the violin to her had been from Romania. The short of it is, no business transpired. 

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3 hours ago, Shelbow said:

Let's hope they didn't pay too much...


Even an OK Romanian violin has a certain value; It's far less on private sale 25 years later, especially to someone who would only want it for resale. Seller didn't overpay originally, for what she actually got, IMHO. She was just oversold.

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Hi Michael,

I'm the owner of the Stringnet website mentioned by another poster. I have a Gandolfi-labeled violin posted there not unlike the one you viewed and whose photos you posted on this thread - especially the scroll.  Here is the photo collage of my example. Looks like the same font on my label. Mine is branded within on two blocks




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