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4/4 bigger than usual violins

Jere W

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I have a violin made by Aarne Saarimaa that does not fit to some 4/4 violin cases like other full sized violins do. It is build bit wider than normal. When compared by eye it looks like it is the standard 4/4 size. 

Why is it bigger than standard 4/4 violin?

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I assume that this it the same fiddle that you posted about in March. Not many replies there.

"Why is it bigger than standard 4/4 violin? "

Perhaps he was a rebel, or was experimenting "outside the box". We'll probably never know. I have a fiddle that doesn't fit standard cases, and I had to really search around to find one that fit. If it's really a problem, a small viola case with some extra padding as needed will work.

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From your pictures of the corners and edges of your violin, it looks like it is a thickly-made violin, so perhaps not surprising that it is larger all around. 

I have seen a Maggini-model violin proportionally sized to a back length of 365mm that didn't fit in most standard violin cases. It was made by a very good and well-known maker.

What is the length of the back?


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On 7/12/2023 at 1:49 PM, Strad O Various Jr. said:

i don't think you've tried enough cases, finding one that fits should not be that hard if you have choices, especially older cases

I'm not looking for a violin case. I have a good fitting case for it.

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Then the answer you're looking for, regarding 'why' is the violin bigger, could be because:

1. He didn't measure accurately, and wasn't concerned.

2. He wanted to see what would happen if he made it a bit bigger.

3. He was following a pattern, from a bigger violin.

4. No particular reason.  He was just winging it.

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