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First Cello Done


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Well, as done as I can get it.

It plays, and didn't fall apart. It does have a wolf, or two. I never noticed them before on violins or violas. Funny sounds on G# on the D string, and D# on both the D and A strings. The tuner gets stumped and doesn't know what to think. I gather that wolves are fairly common on cellos. I'm happy to get it done.

I liked making it. Setting up is a lot of work. Not a fan of sound posts. Violins are hard enough. 

It is my own design. Based on the back of a Gagliano cello on a Weisshaar calandar that had the back of a violin too. I made the front larger with tapered sides like a Guadagnini. So it should feel smaller than the belly seems. I'd make another. I like the size of it better, even the scroll is easier to carve, even in hard maple. I like the sound better too, but it is hard to play with my cheap fiberglass violin bow. You really have to move your left hand.


I even figured out how to get the photo on my kindle fire. I still don't know how it did it.


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Yes, the iron wood worked good for that. The other end of the board must have had checks in it, and the nut and saddle both split, and had to be glued.

I have 2 project to finish, and 2 started. I go for weird, and whatever I make up in my head. 

Starting a 7 course Vihuela from 1600 or so, and a counterpart, a 7 string arch top. The Vihuela is like a guitar in D with a high g. The guitar will be in D with a low A. The thirds are in different places.





I need to finish a walnut/yellow cedar violin. Since I need to make 13 pegs for the Vihuela, I can make the pegs and end pin at the same time. Make a tailpiece and it is done.




The Electoless Paul needs the varnish dried up good, and polished. Then a tailpiece and it is done. The photos in the morning sun came out perfect. The ones in the basement like a toy camera.




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24 minutes ago, Nick Allen said:

Looks good! Are there more photos on your bench thread?

Yes,but I need to make better ones. It has a resin rich, corduroy top. That's what it wanted, Contrast with the rest that is mostly smooth. I did the same on the scroll where the sides are smooth but the fluting is just gouge marks.

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