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Strad and Amati Relationship: Shared Wood - New c&en article - Science & Strad, Secret Proteins?


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New dendrochronology evidence possibly pointing to a connection between Strad and Amati.  The rest is mostly a summary of what we have discussed - almost ad nauseum - re Strad's secret varnish or method of wood prep.  This article implies it might just be animal glue... Anyway, I think an interesting summary, with of course, the typical slight inaccuracies expected from non-players/non-makers.  This article does give a few details as to where and how samples were taken and examined. Plus lots of good references.

What do you think???


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Okay, so they matched the 1681 harp soundboard to the same tree that Amati used some of too.  And somebody got a protein (the researchers don't know whether it's collagen or it's casein} under the varnish on a couple of Strad violins.  And nobody's committing to anything...........  Must be a slow month in science journalism. [Yawns]   :lol:

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N.A.:  "Hey, Tony, I'm making a cello and the spruce I have isn't quite wide enough, so I'm only using it for half of the top.  But I still have a nice, long, narrow piece left over.  Ya want it for anything?"

A.S.  "Sure, I could use it for a harp soundboard.  Thanks, Nick."

Or maybe the wood vendor visited both of them.  


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22 minutes ago, Bill Merkel said:

"Wood!  Rags!  Bring out your dead!"

[Sets a covered dish and a bottle of wine on a table.]

Buona sera!  Lucrezia sent you over some salmon mousse, and something to wash it down with.

[Curtsies, exits, and goes to the well to wash her hands with borax.]  :ph34r:  :lol:




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3 hours ago, Bill Merkel said:

"Wood!  Rags!  Bring out your dead!"

LOL.  "But I'm not dead!" "Sure he is. No I'm not. He's not dead. But he will be."

Did you know that the Python programming language was named after Monty Python?   English humor...

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