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COPY OF / Antonius Stradicarius / Made in Germany ; a 4/4 violin

Jere Wendelin

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I asked a seller about the label that was similar to this one's (same font, size and text). He said that violins with that label were made only up to 40s. Is it true? Can this violin be that old? What could be its value approximately? 

It seems to be glued from near the sound post (2 photos in the upper left corner) I could not get a whole picture of the label, but there reads: "COPY OF / Antonius Stradicarius / Made in Germany".

Stradivarius copy made in germany (2).jpg

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After 1951 or so it would be W. Germany or East Germany(GDR). Between 1920 or so and the end of WW2, "Made in Germany", and "occupied USA zone" or "Occupied USSR" in between. Can't imagine Germany exporting too many things to the USA leading up to and during the war.

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