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Which Viola should I make first?


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Hi all I am after some advice and opinions. I am about to embark on making my first viola at college  and I have three posters to choose from, the medici strad viola, the Gustar Mahler and the Archinto posters and I do not know which to pick. 


I am a competent woodworker though I am an novice viola maker. 


Some disclaimers, I do not play the viola, I know very little about the instrument though I am starting to do some research, this will be my first attempt and I guess I am hoping to end up with something that sounds something like a viola. 


Appreciate all of your opinions folks. 





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The Gustav Mahler would be my pick.  It's a nice size and it is not too narrow through the center bout.  We know it is a successful instrument as it is played by a very active soloist at the present time.  I have discussed it with William Whedbee quite a bit and it is his favorite of the Stradivari violas.




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While you are following this good advice, you might want to consider doing all you can to learn to play viola the best you can. When you are building something, it really helps to understand how that "something" functions and is used. It's not about woodworking, it's about making music! Woodworking is just a means to an end. If you just view this as a woodworking project you'll most likely end up with a Viola Shaped Object instead of a viola, which you can buy for $40 online.

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