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So here is the update, and for anyone who is interested a look under the hood at Amati.

I popped an 'issue', late last night on our slack channel for the auction. I referenced Ralph as obviously it couldn't have been my fault and must be an issue with photography.

Ralph - who is currently my hero - seeing this, and taking his job seriously, drove straight to the office at eight on a Saturday morning and compared violin to images. They were the same.

The penny dropped, finally. I had catalogued two violins on Monday when I was in an astonishingly bad mood. Having barked at the long-suffering Sarah Churchill for putting the violins in the wrong order (she hadn't), and generally behaved like a spoiled teenager, I started one violin and then catalogued the other. Sorry - and thank you again @Wood Butcher

TL:DR - every part of this was my fault and my colleagues are saints to put up with me.

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@Wood Butcher Nooooo. You did absolutely the right thing. The more public light that is shone on the way we do things the better for everyone. 

Honestly. Ralph went in early because he takes his work really seriously and didn't want to be the person who messed up. Joyously for him, it was entirely my fault. It will cost me some beer, and hopefully I will learn not to be a grumpy git when I am cataloguing. 

Never stop doing what you are doing - it keeps me sane. 

(thank you)

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