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Best shop to consign high end bow in New York City


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4 hours ago, Michael Darnton said:

Rare Violins of NY. But why just NYC---the business is international now and there are many fine shops.

Of course it is international. But walk in customers creates a local (ish) context. What percentage of your bow sales are international vs when someone is in town? I’m sure that depends on the value of the item. The bigger the price tag the smaller number of people that can purchase it. Therefore travel and or shipping is probably necessary once you have worked your way through local clients. That is not to say Stefan and Julian don’t visit other localities if the circumstances dictate. Another factor is I like the ability to physically transport when possible.

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20 hours ago, scordatura said:

Salchow only works three days a week from 10 to 4, which seems pretty limited for a full time business.

Many full time businesses dealing in fine bows are only open by appointment ...

So I don't think Isaac's walk-in hours can be interpreted as a sign of laxity, rather a need to spend time making bows, restoring, writing certificates etc. without interruption.

If you have a fine bow to sell, it's important to get it to someone who is actively reaching these customers, rather than someone that you can access easily. At this level very few of us expect local sales, rather we have networks of clients who have shopping lists, and most times we go to meet them. Having said that, New York is a good place to show bows and Isaac is probably one of the better connected people in the business.


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I will say that if I wanted someone to write a certificate for an important bow, Isaac Salchow would be one of the few in the US that I would seek out. I noticed that he wrote a certificate for the Tourte that is for sale at Tarisio on Wednesday (yesterday). Paul Childs also recently wrote a certificate for the same bow.

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4 hours ago, scordatura said:

What do you think is a good commission rate? One would think that for more expensive instruments and bows, that the 20% rate would go down a bit. What about the 50-100k range?

Honestly, I think 20% is a realistic and fair commission rate for bows in the 50-100K range (great Sartory, Simon, exceptional fancy mount Voirin, Henry, Francois Peccatte, etc, etc.). It gives the dealer room to negotiate or collaborate with colleagues to get the job done (splitting commission or reducing their commission when required or appropriate) and pays the dealer for their "reach" (their valuable contacts with viable customers).... but I can see that exceptions to the rule may occasionally be possible/appropriate (reselling a bow the dealer originally sold, working with a "serial" buyer that deals with the firm)... and although some may disagree, they are welcome to try and get the job done themselves. 

I think choosing a reputable firm (one that will honestly disclose the actual selling price) is paramount.  You've received a number of good referrals here.

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We charge 20% whether it’s a Tourte or a Thomassin. 
We are very selective about what we sell, and we like there to be trust and mutual respect between all parties. 
So far no one has ever questioned our commission rate.

I don’t think anyone’s feathers have been ruffled - we are just trying to explain how high end bow sales work. 

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