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Cello ID help please


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It's a professional level cello made from solid wood with genuine inlaid purfling. Does it have a bow with real horse hair?

Jokes aside, high/low quality means different things to different people.

And while there are many exceptions either way, fluted f-wings are usually a good sign in my book.

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1 hour ago, David A.T. said:


Which tool makes those marks? When I cut f hole, the edge is clean. Look like something put pressure on the egde 

These aren't tool marks, but rather accumulations of coulored varnish, due to imperfect varnish application. It is fairly common to see these exactly there on cellos. I have never varnished a cello so do not know why this happens, (my guess is too hasty application of coulor in to thick layers, which then, because of the surface tension, accumulates at the edges of the f holes, but what do I know) but I come across a lot of cheap cellos and occasionally see this. I own a cello (a modern chinese 3/4) with this varnishing mistake.

As to the cello itself, @violins88 you can't seriously think any attribution can e made based on this one photo. Fluting of f-holes is really not that hard compared to the rest of the shaping of the cello top and doesn't take a lot of time for an experienced maker to do. The myths around this being a sign of good quality are many and are just that, myths. You come across this type of f-hole fluting on many cheap instruments as well. Personally, I think it is ugly unless done with restraint.

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