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Hello all,

We now have a true beginning with an end in sight.  On the way to me are the pieces of Mike's last violin:

Top plate. Rough graduations done inside and out. F's and purfuling channel cut.

Back plate. Rough graduations done inside and out. Purfling channel cut.

Garland complete including blocks and linings.

Scroll. Head needs detail finishes. Remaining needs work.

When the package arrives I will distribute the pieces for finish work. We still need more help if you are interested.

In addition to the memorial violin the contents of Mike's shop and wood pile are being inventoried.  The sale of this material will go to benefit the VSA scholarship fund.

In keeping with Mike's personality and his wife's wishes our violin will be given to a worthy player.  If you have ideas or candidates please email the information to me at order@violinvarnish.com.

As the project goes forward we will post pictures and information on Mike's Bench.

on we go,


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Here is the current status of our project.

After I finished the exterior of the plates, the back and rib assembly went to Joe Thrift. Joe finished the graduations and glued the back to the ribs.  He sent it to Jackson Maberry who is graduating the top and installing the bass bar. Jackson will do the finish assembly on the body and send it to Julia Felix.  Julia has the neck and will set it and return the instrument to me for varnishing.

Jay Van de Kopple is doing an inventory of the remaining contents of Mike's shop.  I have proposed a silent auction at the upcoming VSA convention. The funds from the sale will go the the VSA scholarship fund. No response as yet.

Our hope is to have a finished violin for VSA and present it to a worthy player as Mike's family requested.

on we go,


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