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Does anyone have any idea what brand violin this is the only marking I found is shown in pictures


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On 2/7/2023 at 4:46 PM, Bill Merkel said:

From what you can tell by your pics It's a decent 1/2 size violin, for children about 7-8.  Usually looking through one of the f-holes you'll see a label or brand.  It's just something to get kids started on

What would a good sale price be?

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I'd agree with others that there is not a lot of monetary value in the instrument, but the case is "funny" to me, it does not look like a traditional China cheapo nylon case, but that doesn't mean much, I would say that child size violins are now easily obtainable on Amazon, but are still quite rare to find in general "Music stores" out side of rentals, and that the real value is what Bill stated in that it could "mean a lot" to some kid who really wanted to learn violin, {I assume they still exist somewhere} but doesn't have a lot of money, so you might make someones day by giving it away to the right home, for the price of a pack of strings and a "music store" cut bridge and post they'd have something that would work.

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^That's a good idea.  I'd probably drive it by a local violin shop and give it to them, on the stipulation that they slap a bridge on in and give it to the first person shopping for same.  They'd either agree or laugh at you, but in either case you did your part :)  The laugh might mean they already have a bunch of them in back


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