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Character Nose (bow ID)


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A reasonably nice bow, octagonal, 60.4g, silver mounted.

I tried to provide visuals of all the usual things to look for...

The nose and throat are obviously quite unusual, which is my main reason for posting. Maybe it rings a bell somewhere?

Last picture I tried to show the frog being unusually narrow at the upper throat level.











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On 2/4/2023 at 9:33 PM, Blank face said:

I have no idea who made this bow, but the shape of the frog throat is IMO imitating a F.Peccatte feature, which was later copied and varied and somehow exeggerated by several makers, f. e. E.Ouchard. S. pics.

peccatte francois frog.jpg

ouchard e.jpg


Thanks, that looks like the general idea, with mine being a bit more extreme still.

I was wondering how old my bow might be. The screw looks modern (but might be replaced), and the pearl slide is also something I usually associate with the time between the wars (but it might also be replaced). The two piece heel plate it something that I would associate with an earlier period however.

I was also wondering if the bow might be French. the adjuster looks very French to me (it is pinned in both rings) and has a second cut relatively high just taking the edges of the facets. The underslide is also pinned.




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