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Identity of David Techler marked violin with neck graft?


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Hey, another violin I’m trying to figure out more about. The label on this doesn’t look like early printing to me, but it’s marked:


David Techler Lintane fezit 
Romae anno 1703


Inside looks possibly artificially aged. 

However, this may still be pretty old. Appears to have a real neck graft. I know a neck graft is not always a indicator it had a shorter neck in the past. 

Thick violin, fairly pronounced arching. 

Sadly, back of peg head has been butchered, and someone half stripped the finish on the violin. 
















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3 hours ago, Wood Butcher said:

A classic example of the usual, dating from the very late 1800s.

Hey, thanks for the response. I’m trying to learn better on dating. How do you date it? I’d certainly say the label does not look like early font and is too crisp to resemble something from the 1700’s. It also doesn’t have sound post patches and other signs of having been around for 300 years. What are the nuances? 

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This type of instrument was made in enormous quantities, and they come from a particular point in time. They are very distinctive, and most likely had an antiqued appearance when new. The very dark stain inside would suggest it was antiqued, but the varnish has been stripped off by a moron.

The labels were taken from huge books supplied by local printing firms, containing thousands of facsimile labels. It probably had 25 pages of Tecchler labels in, basically they were just snipped out at random, and just stuck into the violins. It bears zero resemblance to an actual Tecchler instrument.

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Wood Butcher, thanks for the insights. I’m working hard to learn more and feel like I’m progressing from the few instruments I’ve posted here or talked to repair shops about. 

Michael Richwine, thanks for the comment. That makes sense. By the way, enjoyed meeting you and playing some of your fiddles at the fiddlers convention. I need to get up there soon. 


Ron1, I thought so too at first. But upon very close examination I’m not sure. It does appear to have grain differences from the scroll to the neck, and you can see it on the top too, and inside the peg head. It’s been sanded pretty good and still shows. But in the case of this fiddle, it’s probably because of a broken scroll, not a neck replacement, based on the age estimates y’all are sharing. 



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