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50 shades of rosewood


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Got a rosewood fingerboard on a violin that needs a new nut. Made one from a piece of rosewood I had around. The fingerboard is very dark, the nut very light.

While I can think of several ways to darken the nut, I was wondering if someone has experience with adjusting the shade of rosewood.


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10 hours ago, Mark Norfleet said:

Wet sand it, let it dry and then oil it and wait a day or two.  You might be surprised at how much it darkens.

Next time, orient the grain 90% from what you've done so that it's perpendicular to that of the fingerboard.

Rotating the grain 90' makes a lot of sense, thanks for the tip.

I did micromesh/ polish it and that alone has made it look considerably darker.

Then, as I was cleaning the violin with Jacobs violin polish (which has oil in it) I rubbed it over the nut, too, and it got darker again (and has stayed that way since).

I quite like the look of it now and may or may not try to match the fingerboard.

10 hours ago, Blank face said:

I can see no fault in making a usual ebony nut here.

Of course, just aesthetic preferences...


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