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2006 John Sipe Violin


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Find a shop that has sold one or more recently and ask or consign and/or check various auction houses for results (retail and auction sales are not the same "thing", however... and both shops and auction venues charge a commission of sorts).

Since the maker has passed away, asking for him for a current price for the instrument is unfortunately not possible.

Please tread lightly here.  Commercial or "for sale" posts are discouraged. Asking for opinions concerning value ranges is OK (lots of curiosity there).


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16 hours ago, GeorgeH said:

There have been 3 sold at auction by Tarisio:

Year: Hammer price

2013: $1,920

2012: $2,400

2010: $3,000

If you send pictures of it to Tarisio, they will estimate what they think it might bring today at auction:


Also, the bow might be valuable separately from the violin.

Unless historically important, or sometimes--for charity-- an auction price is always the lowball. Anyone who bought a Sipe for 3k would expect to sell it for more.

I think I saw one for 14k a couple years ago. Can't put my finger on it...

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2 hours ago, Christopher Jacoby said:

an auction price is always the lowball.

Often, but not always. Some auction prices are creeping closer to retail prices as more bidders are also end user players.

The data I provided is over 10 years old, anyway. I’m sure that these violins would get significantly more at auction today.

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  • 5 months later...

I was a friend of John Sipe and frequently visited his two story shop in his back yard in Charlotte. It was amazing to see him use his hand tools to shape all of the parts.

 I got one of his violins made in 2002 of 3 along with his signed certificate of appraisal for $12,000, which was in the range of what he was getting frequently. 

I'm going to sell mine for less than that price if anyone is interested. I can provide pictures for those interested.

Glenn McCorkle

Charlotte NC

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