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1719 Carlo Bergonzi needs re-homing shape as is in photos.


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47 minutes ago, Dino said:

I didn't put the label. You guys are cruel.

I don't think most members who responded are trying to be cruel. Just responding to your initial post and reactions.... and yes, we have our share of those who try "pulling stuff" (though personally that was not my impression of what you were doing thus far).

You have some good answers to carry back to the family in Europe;  Not a Bergonzi, not old enough to be a Bergonzi, possibly a German trade instrument, might be able to obtain further and more reliable comment with better photos.


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1 hour ago, Dino said:

I didn't put the label. You guys are cruel.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be cruel to you. I was responding to J.DiLisio's post.

I think about the violin itself roughly what Mr. Holmes summed up beautifully. Unfortunately, your photos are not ideal, but even so, it is clear that the violin is not in good condition and the cost of a professional repair would probably exceed its value after repair. That's about all that can be said about the violin at this point.

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