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Weird discolouration under chinrest. Need repair?


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Hiya! First time poster, longtime reader here. Got my hands on a cheap antique violin a few months ago. Recently realised some weird patch (varnish worn down?) under the chinrest when was swapping out for a different chinrest. It’s quite the hassle to get my local violinmaker to have a look so wanted to check what you think. Would leaving it as is risk further damage? Would it be fine to ignore it?




Do have a look and share your thoughts! Thanks in advance. 






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15 minutes ago, Blank face said:

That’s usual wear caused by sweat and/or a beard. The purfling area was possibly protected by one of the early very narrow chinrests.


I agree.

You probably shouldn't try to "fix" it yourself. A good luthier will be able to properly clean the area and apply the appropriate finish.

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9 hours ago, Blank face said:

 If it’s not worn down into the wood you can leave it as is, otherwise a thin layer of protective transparent touch up would be enough.

I think it is bare wood. You can feel the grain. Transparent touch up sounds great, I’m imagining it would protect the wood but won’t hide the wear. Is that right? That would be awesome

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