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The HR fiddler

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17 hours ago, The HR fiddler said:

Thank you, but I’m still wondering if this is actually a Lowendall and if the year is correct, etc….

There is probably no reason to believe that your violin is not a Lowendal (Löwenthal). It is important to understand that it is not a violin made BY Lowendal, but made FOR Lowendal. Löwenthal was only a dealer or reseller. This is an instrument that came from Markneukirchen. No one will ever find out the real maker. This is nicely documented in Löwenthal's letter, to which Mr. Saunders referred. As for the year, your photos of the label are poorly focused, but it looks to me more like 1892. The violin itself would be consistent with that era.

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If I remember this correctly, in the Sears catalog circa 1910 the cheapest Markneukirchen violin was $5 for  Stradivari made in Germany, the Lowendal was near to their top model and sold for about $40, so yes its a Markneukirchen mass produced trade violin but its one of the higher grades IMHO

the better Lowendals can go for $4-5000 in today's market, I believe

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