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NOT a violin ID!


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Just a quick non-violin interlude.:ph34r:

Picked up these two little parlour tables.

The one on the left is Eastlake (at least that's my take on ID). The one on the right is what??? Just generic "Victorian"? I can't find anything similar on-line similar so far, to compare it to.

Googling for information has gotten worse...all I seem to come up with are sale ads - many that have incorrect info to begin with. :angry: Used to be able to actually find useful sites that explained things. 

Or maybe it's just me...<_<

And...if anyone knows...I prefer the one on the right...and it was dirt-cheap. Hubby got into a little bidding war for the Eastlake. Now I'm wondering if it actually is worth more...or just an artefact of two stubborn bidders?

The Eastlake is in very good condition. The other is a wee bit worse for wear - but I will refinish the top at some point (otherwise it'sstill solid). Hubby thinks it's a Frankentable since the top is lighter than the base. I don't think so...but maybe? Regardless...I don't mind the two-tone look either.



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Thanks! :)

You're right...maybe someone stripped the top on the one on the right at some point.

The Eastlake is still original. The lighting is just making it look more two toned than it is. I think it's just made of different woods that have aged a little differently as well.

I looked for any manufacturer's markings...nada.  But they are both held together with screws...not sure about how that helps date them (if it even does).

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12 hours ago, Brad Dorsey said:

How do they sound?

The Eastlake is very dull sounding when I tap it. The round- top has a pleasant ring.

12 hours ago, palousian said:

Did they come with a bow?

Neither is bowed. Both are quite straight 

6 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

Ypu could call the other one “attributed to Eastlake”:)


(whoever Eastlake are)


Notice the consistent scratches around the perimeter of the underside of the round-top?

Is this a secret table-making technique? Is it possibly a result of the top being refinished at some point, like Ron suggested? Is it a sign of something entirely unrelated? :ph34r:


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9 hours ago, CFMartin said:

The underside scratches are usually the result of people using the area of the table to ignite matches repeatedly.

The same can also often be seen on the underside of kitchen and rocker chairs.

Never thought of that!

But...the scratches are all the way around...and fairly uniform in distribution. Isn't that odd if it's random?

And...I can't remember people using strike matches - on a regular basis - for most of my life...which would date this table (at least the top) being used back in the 1940's - 1950's? Not sure when most people would have used paper matches (which don't strike well on wood) or lighters.

Totally possible (and probable) that it has a new top (as Michael  suggested) and was used in a bar or café afterwards.

I don't think the top of the pedestal is a replacement though. It fits the carved portion exactly. But it could have been stripped to match the replacement top.

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First version of matches...577 AD, China.

Wooden matches...1826 (John Walker, England).

Striking surface...1844 (Gustaf Pasch, Sweden)

Paper matches with cover...circa 1890s (Joshua Pusey, USA)

Lighters...1823!!! Invented before the regular type of match! Who knew? Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner, Germany. AKA feuerzeug.

Today's trivia sponsored by the Christmas Tortoise Foundation.

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