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Viola plans/poster of Conte Vitale Guarneri and Da Salo?


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I am planning to build violas on the Conte Vitale and Da Salo pattern. However, I need the plans. I searched all over the internet for the Conte Vitale poster, but it is not available anywhere unfortunately. Does someone have a poster which he doesn't need or the ability to send me a copy scan? I would pay for the poster/effort, of course! 

A good print of the Da Salo is available on the Ashmolean website. However, I would highly appreciate any hint if there's another source. 

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Have you tried https://www.luthierslibrary.com/luthiers_library/ ?

Alternatively: Get pictures from tarisio and scale them to size (the size of the body is usually given). Start with prints which are exactly the size of the viola bodies.

Up to 16'' this fits on an A3 print, this includes Guarneri and Guadagnini viola models, everything larger does not. And Da Salo is usually larger.

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