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fiddle with few linings

Mat Roop

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So I have been asked to repair this highly sentimental dog with a lions head and bring it to playability. It has significant cracks in the top,

but my real question is ... what about the lack of linings in most areas... what impact do linings have on tone and if I just glue it back togetherafter crack repairs,  what are the chances of it holding? The linings that are there are rather small about 3mmX 1mm




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Yes, I do agree with both of you, but where there is significant family sentimental value I usually end up surrendering. 

I think I can deal with the cracks in a long and painful process.

It's the linings, or lack thereof, that I am tempted to leave as is, but if a few extra hours will  prevent a failed project, then I'd rather do that..... but not if it really is not necesssary.

Looking for thoughts & ideas!


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