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Violin Sound Post (VSP) Tools and Method

David Rosales

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I ran across this video from www.violinsoundpost.com.  



The video is from 2013 but it looks like the website is still functioning and maybe taking orders. I'm curious what the pros think about this particular method and set of tools for fitting the soundpost? Is it just a waste of time and money or could it be useful for some of us?

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1 hour ago, Advocatus Diaboli said:

Maybe not a complete waste, but mostly a waste if you have sharp tools and a decent eye. 

I agree.

Moreover, the risk with these systems is that they send the message that if you have the right tools it is not a problem to make a perfect soundpost.

They can maybe help at most for the initial setup, or for making serial soundposts of many identical factory violins where fine-tuning may be neglected, but the true fine-fitting will always need good dexterity with a knife, and a developed sensitivity, which no elaborate tool can ever give.

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I wouldn't bother with this setup, personally. I just practiced many many times with a knife and setter. Get a dental mirror too. That's all you should need along with the position gauge. 

It's like Occam's Razor. The simplest means always prevails in the end. 

So I'd just practice with a sharp knife/chisel and be bad at setting posts this way until you're not. 

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