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Endoscope - is it useful for soundpost setting?


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5 hours ago, FiddleDoug said:

Probably not much. A real key for setting sound posts is having good lighting inside the instrument (like Luthier Lights). It’s also difficult to keep proper orientation with the endoscope..


2 hours ago, David Burgess said:

I have an endoscope, but still use a dental-type mirror and a bright interior LED light (from Doug above) for fitting soundposts.

Yup. Doug's Luthier Light changed the game for me. Thanks Doug!

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The endoscope comes in handy if you’re trying to look inside for  something like a signature or construction feature that’s not easily visible with a mirror. As others said, a dental mirror gives you all the visibility you need for a soundpost, as you can see all the way around at the top and bottom of the post. 

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