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Wrong plane?


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Using a micrometer I measured my shavings at about 2 thousanths of an inch thick.  Shaving should be full width and full length of the plate edge.  This requires a razor hair shaving sharp blade finely set in the plane.  even 2 thousanths is kind of thick but it works for me when joining.   

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7 hours ago, CaseyLouque said:

I believe this is the method that David was referring to.

Yes, that is very similar to what I was trying to put across, and how I plane a violin or viola centerjoint, and I think Melvin Goldsmith does too. Except that I am using a metal plane, and clamp the plane entirely in the bench vise, rather than clamping one end, and using a floor leg to support the other end. When I tried that, the support at only each end tended to distort the plane enough with the downward pressure I use, that the joint surface, end-to-end, ended up slightly convex.

Both MJ and Melvin are treasure troves of solid information, in my opinion.

Later edit: Oh, and I clamp my joint, rather than rubbing it.

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It doesn't hurt to run through the range of motion,, and practice the feeling of holding the plane straight and steady with the blade retracted. (or running the board over the plane,,,) Practice till there is no unsteadiness or chance of tipping.

The plane is an extension of your upper body, the strength and steadiness comes from the abs and legs.

Don't fight the plane, trust it,,, smooth, fairly rapid complete strokes, end to end, the weight and pressure point shifts naturally throughout the stroke.

When it feel good and natural, smooth and effortless, then let out the blade a bit,,,

kinda like bending ribs:lol:

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On 10/19/2022 at 2:11 PM, Wood Butcher said:

This is perhaps of no use to anyone, but me. However, I have noticed with my planes, that a certain amount of blade projection, leads to a perfect joint. If I use a greater, or lesser amount of blade showing, it will cut either slightly too concave, or convex.

Question: greater or lesser projection; which leads to concave or convex cut? Thanks.

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On 10/21/2022 at 8:47 PM, Greg Sigworth said:

Question: greater or lesser projection; which leads to concave or convex cut? Thanks.

With my plane, if the blade is set a bit too much, it will be slightly convex. If not enough, it takes slightly more from the centre
I have measured the shavings with a micrometer in the past, but could not read any significant difference. It is only when held up to the light, that I can see what is happening. Once I have the right amount of blade out, it cuts the joints perfectly each time.

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