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VSA Convention 2022 - suggestions sought

Rico Suave

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With about 1 month left until the Must Attend Gala of the Year....


I live near Anaheim/Garden Grove and would like to attend at least 1 day of the VSA Convention.

With this in mind, I would appreciate Do or Don't suggestions suited to the interests of a novice Violin maker and player.

Meeting up with some members would be nice.


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If the visit is for one day, arrive early.

Visit the exhibits while mentally mapping out the floor. Decide which presentations are of interest. The exhibitors might offer suggestions in what might have piqued interest. I tend to purchase a book or two and some spruce for soundposts.

It's not unlike a very good shop visit. Try to remember details that move the mind, possibly the heart. Make yourself be wowed. Criticizing is the easy way, and is sadly, very easy to do. Sometimes I spend less than a minute on viewing an instrument and do feel sad. 

Listen to conversations and instruments. Use your eyes carefully. I do carry a magnifying glass. Checklist from the scroll down to the under cutting of f- holes, the neatness of stingers. Hotel lighting is never great, but enjoy the lavish varnish and smells.

Meet and tell Joe Grubaugh that he makes the best instruments you've played. Thank Don Noon. Tell Maestro Ham that there are never enough basses.

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3 hours ago, MeyerFittings said:

Attend one day but go to the bar another night and talk to people.


Sounds Fun!  What kind of 'Fish Tales' do drunk Luthiers tell?


3 hours ago, Christian Pedersen said:

Be sure to go after the judging is completed, so you can see the competition instruments and bows!


I did not see a schedule on the posted link - when might that be?


I'm semi-retired and have time available,  maybe I should sign up for 2 hours of volunteer work...

What should (or shouldn't) I sign up for?

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Vendors in the vendor room:

Andreas Pahler Alpentonholz
Arcos Brasil USA
Bay Fine Strings
CECILIA Rosin Collection by Cremona in America
Century Strings
Connolly Music
GEWA music USA
Global Violins LLC
Heritage Insurance
Holfter GmbH
Howard Core Company
International Violin Company
KDR Music
L'Archet Brasil
Larsen Strings
Lutherie Lab
Metropolitan Music
Mountain Voice Inc
New Harmony Music
Otto Musica Corp.
Pirastro GmbH
Pioneer Valley Luthier Supply Co. Inc.
The Strad
TekPin™ USA
Vermont Violins Inc.

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