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23 minutes ago, Brad Dorsey said:

This is very easy to fix, but there are several possible complications.  If you are not an experienced bow technician and this is a "very fine quality" bow and you care about it, you should bring it to a pro, who will probably be able to fix it in a few minutes while you wait.

Yes I agree. I won’t attempt to fix this one myself. I scheduled a visit with my restorer Hans J. Nebel. Still I am curious what the proper steps would be to address this? Glue and a gentle tap with mallet?

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Basically, yes.

Your screw looks a bit unusual, in that the end that goes into the button appears to be round not square.  But I would treat it the same as a square-ended one:  I whack the part of the screw that will go into the button with a few light blows of a file to raise some little barbs that will hold it in the button better.  Then I tap the screw into the button with a light hammer.  I take care to drive the screw into the button only far enough so that all of the pilot, but none of the threads, go into the inner hole when the screw is inserted into the stick.  When the screw is into the button this far, I but a drop of thin super glue into the nipple recess of the button and quickly blot it out with a bit of paper towel.  Some of the glue will seep in around the screw, securing it in the button.

Say Hi to Hans for me,

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Asking questions of this problem is good; the information also very good.

But for taking a relatively good bow to an expert, the relative risks of self repair can devalue a bow rather quickly if one cares. I am one where playability trumps value, but most on this site are value loss averse, one might assess.

I had to perform a similar repair at a pre- performance ( Four Seasons with a hybrid ensemble made up of the weirdest group of player known, public un- known players ) of a very nice old french bow. Not even a drop of CA, that I keep in the car, but a rub, perhaps a swipe. When she returned to the east coast the bow was properly serviced.

The wood within the button had been falling apart. The performer chose to use the bow, so the very temporary repair was completed. The stick was excellent. The suggestion was offered that a new frog and screw be created.

At the performance there were relatively few tools, but back home, the bow found its way back to a lasting repair.

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So it’s all fixed. Hans was out of town and I wanted the issue addressed immediately so I can play on my bow this weekend as I have some important performances. Salchow was not available (too busy as usual) so I ended up at Yung Chin who explained he had to do some extra stuff to secure that screw in place and was able to address the issue immediately. Took 2 hours but talk about great customer service… 


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5 hours ago, Strad O Various Jr. said:

Why doesn't the button fit the stick?? The thread on the screw is fine enough to probably date from the second half of the 20th century, ,turn of the century thread would have been wider. All that doesn't bode well for being original

The button fits the stick perfectly. I took these pix after the repair and I was told to wait a few hours till I tighten the bow hence the screw is sticking out 

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