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6 minutes ago, jacobsaunders said:

I would say that the outline of the OP fiddle is the polar opposite of the Boyd instrument, so you’re miles off there

And far off from the Harris instruments either, especially the shape of C bouts and corners. You should get used to the thought that it's a continental violin with mutilated corner blocks and a later odd scroll.

Or show us a British instrument with a notch in the one piece lower rib.

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1 hour ago, matesic said:

My word yes! I thought it was just a fragment of glue. So the Mittenwald invasion made it to the north of Scotland by about 1840?



I guess Scotland/Britain had to deal with a Normanic or earlier Roman invasions, not a Mittenwald, and the notch can be found at all kinds of South German/Austrian or Prague/Budapest violins (though Mittenwald region might be the most likely here).

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I suppose in a (mild) way there was a “Mittenwald Invasion” (and a Saxon one) in the 19th C after the continental blockade. For a couple of generations, continental imports weren’t allowed, and the English made their own cheap violins (e.g. Thompson). As soon as the Blockade finished, the English dealers could import Mittenwald/Saxon violins again, and the cheap English violins died out immediately. The continental blockade also to a large extent explains why English bow making went off in it’s own direction in the 19th C

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20 hours ago, matesic said:

Pictures taken today

I gather a John Boyd was active in Dundee in the 1840's. Maybe "Repaired by" refers to the neck graft; he doesn't claim to be the maker but I guess Scottish is starting to look probable. A new set of strings and it's already up and running nicely.




















it looks like it originally had much larger corner blocks that extended right up to the liners

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