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T2 Leo Aschauer Viola

Ethan Ford Heath

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I have a few questions regarding this viola in the current (Oct. 2022) Tarisio T2 auction:


1. How possible is it to determine who actually made a Leo Aschauer instrument, whether he himself, a student, or another Mittenwald maker on contract?

2. Why is Tarisio’s description so cagey about the label? It doesn’t seem so illegible to me.

3. It looks like someone has changed the date, obliterating the line above; the paper also looks disturbed. Why would someone bother to do that on an instrument of this nature? 

4. I’m no expert obviously, but to me this looks similar to the small/original version of the Guadagnini that the Hills expanded in size, the one David Rattray has spoken of so highly as his favourite model for viola (in the expanded version). Is my guess correct?


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