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Cutting Japanese saw steel for scrappers


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Dremel with a small abrasive cutoff wheel. Use several plunge cuts if you are trying to cut a curve, don't try to cut along a curve with the wheel plunged, it can break apart. Don't worry about the rough looking edge, you'll shape it to your liking on the grinder.

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyways: wear full face shield!!


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All my scrapers are from recyled saws. I cut them with dremel cutoff wheel. Make sure to dip the steel in water regularly during cutting to prevent overheating and remove every bit of steel that got too hot during cutting and shows bluing. The ccrapers I made from quality saws are excellent but some of the cheap saws don't produce very good scrapers (don't hold the burr very well). Perhaps they need some heat treating.

BTW, what hardness would be recommended for scraper steel?

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I've found that old Japanese saw blades make excellent scrapers. I cut them out with tin snips, with generous margins to avoid buckling in the final item, then refine the shape on a disk sander. I like the sander better than a grinding wheel for this task - nice big flat bed to rest the work on.

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