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Pirastro Perpetual cello strings


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Perpetual Edition are good strings, especially A and D. Expensive though, and for C and G Spirocore are still the ones to beat - Perpetual C and G are probably a bit more refined but perhaps not quite as powerful. Depends on your cello and what you're looking for, the only way is to try them, but it's expensive pastime! 

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On 9/23/2022 at 11:46 AM, pylemj1 said:

Anyone have any experience with Pirastro Perpetuals?  I've heard great things about them.  Need to replace my Spirocore G/C soon, and I'm debating whether or not to try the Perpetuals.

Spirocore Tungsten?

Have been on this thin line between upgrades on cello. I have been through many string types. So much depends on what you play, what you perform.

I have the Tungsten on one instrument. Not happy with Magnacore, but this was on my instrument, my playing.

Try Perpetuals. Tell us what you think. The other websites have more players. 

I have not been a fan of the Perpetual as a set. No on violin. No on viola, and no on cello. The violin sets ( many instruments, sadly. If Petrol prices are high, string prices are also high. ) are generally EP ( though I hate to admit it, play Obligato on some instruments while they last - at the most- three weeks )  but no credit to Pirastro.

On viola, I split between Larsen and Pirastro. On cello: no Pirastro, well sometimes, some EP.

If your cello strings last for several years, I am not sure it matters. Sometimes the old strings are perfect for other players.

Without more information about goals, lit, and perhaps instrument, rosin, types...

Each person has different thoughts about however they play. Start with the c- string? Some players value that deep sounding c- string.

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You might look into ROSTANVO cello strings. I installed them on my 3 cellos about 3 years ago. I have not played cello much at all during the COVID pandemic, but I got one cello out the other day and it was still in tune (within a very few cents) after being in its case for a year.

At the time I installed the Rostanvo strings I thought they provided an improvement in sound over the (prime quality) strings I had had on the cellos and thought they provided even sound across the strings, were very responsive and price-wise were a very good deal. Those opinions still hold (although I no longer have any cello strung with alternative strings for comparison).

Two of those cellos are German-made Strad models ( Lowendall 1877 and Carl Sandner 1960) and one is a Jay-Haide Rugeri model (2004).

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