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Hello everyone,

Is there anyone who knows , where to buy some quality ferrules , the regular one that LV has or making them out of a piece of brass pipe , is not what I want , I am looking to find something for example like what E A Berg or …. Used for the chisels … really appreciate if someone can help on this … thanks 

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11 hours ago, Wood Butcher said:

Depends where you live, as to what might be available.

Brass tubing is the obvious choice, but finding the right internal and external diameter is very unlikely. I think if you know someone at a machine shop, they might be able to turn one out of some brass bar, to the specs you need.

Yes, having what you would like to have made is probably your best bet if you can find an amused cooperative machinist or have a friend with the right tools at home.  Brass is the easiest and there's no need to find tubes of the right sizes as they can readily be made from solid material.  That said, the Berg gouges you recently posted photos of do not have ferrules...


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OP, there's both new and discarded metal tubing all over the place. For a chisel ferrule, the type of metal won't matter that much. You could even take a piece of discarded copper water line, or discarded iron gas line, cut off a section with a hacksaw, and file the end of the wooden handle down to fit the inside diameter of the ring. Not nearly as pretty as something Norfleet would fabricate, but quite adequate for getting down to business. :)

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Hello, I hope I don't incur anyone's wrath if I suggest that if you are making handles for old chisels or gouges you do not always need to go to the complication of adding a ferrule.

Here are some very old - probably over 150 years old - well used gouges with some user made octagonal handles. Admittedly the handles may be a bit younger but they are still quite ancient and I think they have a rather attactive design in way the facets are taken around the end


I think if you are not levering or using a mallet with your chisels and fit the tapered tang carefully - a bit like the way I would fit a nail to a violin neck if  I ever get around to it - using perhaps three different drill sizes to bore the handle to accomodate the tang's taper and then using the tang itself to ream the hole so the handle can be carefully tapped on the last few mm (or a sixteenth of a Cremonese inch?)

Here is a nice big old 1 3/4" gouge which, when I acquired it, had the double ferruled handle loosely fitted which I carefully removed. To make a new big long handle I took a nice bit of rippled beech I got from the woods many years ago, which I had been saving for something nice, shown below the gouge


Here is the finished handle after I had fitted it and rubbed it with some linseed oil, the other handle I made of some plain beech


I hope nobody objects to this slightly contrary contribution, I freely admit I am no expert and I know from observation there are some on this site that do not suffer ferrules gladly!

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Using brass or steel of the right gauge or thickness is important. Standard brass tubing is usually quite thick and has no flexibility which can be a problem when fitting ferrules to turned handles.

I agree that ferrules may not be necessary for chisels and carving gouges particularly smaller ones.

Tapered twist drills are available to bore holes for tangs.

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