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16" viola neck dimensions


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I am reworking a viola I made 30 years ago when I knew even less than I do now, I have been trying to find dinemsions of the neck, mine was way too short , along with some other things. I have found string lengths and fingerboard dimensions. but the under side length I cannot find.  any help would be appreciated. thanks kevin 

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Heel to chin, 127.5 mm

Nut to end of neck 167mm

Nut to bridge 365mm (vibrating string length)

if you want the dimensions from the top of the nut for the last two add 10mm

This instrument is a Brothers Amati Model with a length of back of 408 mm.

measurements taken with a Mitutoyo vernier caliper or a Starrett metric tape measure 







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I was a science teacher.  All science is taught in metric (SI) here.  American Customary Measurement is a PITA!  I wish we would change.  Only the USA, Myanmar, and Liberia are left, and I think Myanmar uses Imperial which is different again!

Would you believe that most American made cars use Metric fastenings.  My Chevrolet Corvette is all metric and I know all of Tesla is Metric.



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1 hour ago, saintjohnbarleycorn said:

sorry the heel to the chin, and the nut to the end of neck, without the fingerboard , and nut to bridge length , I have found a few different lengths for nut to bridge .  

You forget to tell us what body size your viola is, and above all what the stop length is, which is decisive for the length of the neck if you want to keep 2:3 ratio. Some make the neck length 150 mm regardless of the length of the body stop, without respecting the 2:3 ratio, but I am not one of them

Heel to chin: I wouldn't worry about this size, because if the chin is aligned with the nut (as it should be), if the back button is not exaggeratedly out of the ordinary, and if the neck length (nut to belly edge) is correct, the heel to chin distance will always be ok.

Nut to bridge: i.e. string length. I think 370/375 mm it is the most frequently used measure, but it can vary, based on the previous measures.

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