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Here I have a repaired Nürnberger. The stick too me looks like Nürnberger. It is 58g and plays very well. The repair was not done as nicely as this can be done. I also have doubts about the frog: is this the original? It fits very well, but is very simple and the metal sheet (don't know what it is called) is screwed and not pinned. How do you value a bow with such a bad repair?


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2 hours ago, martin swan said:

A bow with a head break might sell for a fifth or a sixth of the price of an unbroken example depending  on the quality of the repair - in this case not good !

The frog looks fine to me for a late Franz Albert but that’s just a fleeting impression from photos.

This makes it something in the range of €300-400. I agree, this repair is not good.

Is this screwed plate typical for Franz Albert Nürnberger? The other one that I have is done with pins, that's the goldmounted one.

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Little effort was put into concealing the repair. Might depend on how cranky the repair person was. But looks significantly older and the work has held up.

The stick is worn. It can be made to look better. You might have taken off the protector over the stick at the frog to reveal the condition. But something should ( needs - me being pushy ) to be there.

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19 hours ago, GeorgeH said:

Often good frogs with damaged sticks will migrate to good sticks with damaged frogs.

I don't know if that is what happened here, but you have good reason to ask the question.

This is a common model of frog for Nurnberger and the thumb projection looks very Franz Albert, so personally I don’t have reason to question it. Brass screws would be anachronistic but they are silver.

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4 hours ago, Richf said:

Blankface, that is the first nickel-mounted Nurnberger bow I've ever seen.  The stick looks to be of the same quality as their silver bows.  Is it haired yet?  Does it play well?

Grünke wrote that the Carl Albert stamp without stars was later used for shop bows, so I‘m assuming that it is one of those; maybe that’s the reason for the missing pins or screws, too.

It‘s still not rehaired yet, but I see no reason why it should not play well enough.;)

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