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I read mostly about 170-180 C. I never measured my own iron but when water drops start to bounce off the surface it is just right. Or when I hit it with spray bottle the water vaporizes instantly. I've got my DIY iron with old rheostat as controller and it works just in the sweet range. I can leave the wood (even without water) in direct contact for half minute before I start seeing traces of scorching. If the wood burns soon after cntact you're too hot.

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6 hours ago, murray kuun said:

What then is the ideal temperature to set my bending iron to for bending violin sides?

The drop test is the most used:


However the temperature should be between 160° and 180° C, with the latter it is necessary to wet the ribs in order not to burn them, unless you are very fast, but this requires experience. At the lowest temperature (160 ° C) you can also dry fold, but this requires even more experience. The problem is that the temperature of the iron does not mean much, what is important would be the temperature of the wood, which should be uniform to avoid breakage, so the technique to keep it in uniform contact with the iron to avoid "cold" areas is more important than the temperature of the iron.
Too bad that the temperature of the wood cannot be measured.:rolleyes:

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