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Horn or plastic frog


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If it’s an old bow, there’s a good chance the frog is made of celluloid, which was popular for imitation horn or ivory frogs at the time. You can see similar results in old fountain pen barrels. Here’s a link to a modern pen made in that style:


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2 hours ago, Guido said:

Thanks. Now I know it's neither tortoise shell nor plastic; but could still be made from horn, cheese or wood.

The tinsel is probably a radioactive.

Based on the reference pictures in the article, that looks like cellulose nitrate to me, but I have very little experience with non-ebony frogs.


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Actually looks more like casein formaldehyde (6), but I still don't discount horn (1) based on the tiny sample in this study.

Might be good to know if any of these are not suitable for bow frogs (e.g. strength), or what was actually mostly used for frogs and reasonably available to bow manufacturers at various times.

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