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19 hours ago, martin swan said:

No offense, but if you join Maestronet with a name like "real expert" you're going to get shot down before you take off :lol:

Nice runway hit, Martin!  I confirm.  Give the pattern below to your crew chief, and tell her to go get the spray paint.  :ph34r: :lol:


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On 8/18/2022 at 4:22 AM, martin swan said:

real expert the stamp is "Meinel" as the OP told us in their first post.

To my eyes it's pretty straight and I don't see anything out of the ordinary in terms of fitting for a cheap modern bow.

Isn't it just a used one of these?

https://www.sharmusic.com/Meinel-Pernambuco-Violin-Bow?quantity=1&Select Size=1&Select%20Size=1


Over 20 years ago, the Meinel bows from Shar were stamped with the name "R. A. MEINEL", were imported from Brazil and sold through their mail-order division. Commercial parts (frog & button), but the pernambuco stick was often half-way decent. Those on the link look like an even cheaper product and could very well be stamped differently.  Surprised if the wood is actually pernambuco at $85... but honestly they could be produced in China or on Mars and I wouldn't know, or want to know.  :) 

21 hours ago, real expert said:

Mr Swan, I give my opinion, which is correct, you may or may not agree, this is of course your choice.

I admit to having similar reactions and concerns as (apparently) others did when I saw your screen name, but if you feel more comfortable posting with an alias, so be it.  You are welcome to your opinions, correct or incorrect, as others are here.

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3 hours ago, real expert said:

Mr Swan, I give my opinion, which is correct, you may or may not agree, this is of course your choice.

I know the watchword of our new age is "we've all had enough of experts", and perhaps a "real expert" is something other than a regular or traditional expert?

You stated that the wood was warped, that the bow was a composite of different parts, that the screw wasn't fitted correctly and that it had a "fake stamp".

So, I would be grateful if you would reason this out and produce evidence rather than just assert that you are right.

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