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Violin ID please - any thoughts ?


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My first impression is that it's "the usual" Markneukirchen area cottage industry violin. Let's see the back of the scroll, and the throat of the scroll. The "usual" usually have a small "delta" where the flutings meet on the back, and the flutings stop at about the 6 o'clock position in the throat between the scroll and the pegbox. It's also been stripped and revarnished.

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I'm afraid that the OP won't be able to supply much more photos, because the actual seem to be taken from an auction. A direct link would be helpful.

Otherwise I agree that it has lost lots of varnish (not necessarily stripped), but I would be reluctant to tell anything in particular by this photos.

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I certainly don't think this is "the usual" Markneukirchen area cottage industry violin. I'd be quite interested to know what the internal construction is like (corner blocks, lining). There's little of the original varnish left, but it doesn't look brutally repainted. The purfling looks original (see damage on the lower right bout of the top) and very decent.

I'll leave the judgement to the experts, but I'd guess southern Germany. And quite old.

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Thanks for your comments !

As per the auction house expert, It is supposed to be an "Italian violin, 18th century, Milanese school".

Received it this morning.

Here are additional pictures of inside and purfling. It has corner blocks and linings.

Is Milanese 18th century possible ?

Back Purfling.JPG


Table Corner 1.JPG

Back Purfling Joint.JPG

1156503630_InsideCorner1.heic 609542181_InsideCorner2.heic Scroll Fluting.HEIC

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