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What’s it value and is it rare?


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Hello all, I am looking to purchase a violin offline. Something I have never done before. I am a fiddle player of 5 years now. I am having trouble determining what this violin is worth here’s all I know.

1903 German made violin

don’t know the maker 

Mother of Perl inlay

Was appraised for 750$ but idk if I believe that. 

They are asking 525$ 

said date was verified when appraisal was given 

please let me know what y’all think it’s worth of even if it’s worth buying. I have never played one with mother of Perl inlay. Does if sound different? Also, I can’t find one online that looks Like it.

honest opinions please, is it worth getting or does everyone have one? 
thanks! 39CDDEB6-963D-406E-96B6-517CAC31F775.thumb.png.d23aff8aaeddc1fcf09602f58d7f089e.pngBE3B3F16-0D51-47EF-ADC9-762A6D54146E.thumb.png.bd61397dfacb5b5d4082ef3a52e0873f.png5C5F99AC-4EA8-4B9A-8EB8-BBDD98D911A9.thumb.png.8777b5134375a5a9457676d9c7505de8.png 

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I've had a few of these, too.  Craigers is right.  If you like the way it sounds and the way it looks, buy it.  Ideally, you would compare the sound with that of other violins in your price range before making a decision to buy it or not.  $525 is reasonable.  It appears to be in excellent condition.  It has good strings.

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I would not buy that unless you really loved the tone and wanted to keep it. These "fancy violins" were cheap when they were new, and the "cottage industry" that produced them in Germany did not care how they sounded. The market for them is limited, and reselling would be a challenge. Most higher-end dealers won't touch them.

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This is the kind of violin that JakeWalker is unlikely to sell. Thus, he will not contact higher-end dealers.
I will not look for good sound either....
It's a kind of violin ... only I have one in the neighborhood.

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