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Upcoming Musical Instrument Auctions WORLDWIDE (January-December 2023)- List on first page


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Hi All,


Here is a list of upcoming musical instrument auctions WORLDWIDE 2023 for anyone that is interested: (I think this is most of them but please let me know if there are others)

In general I will only list auction houses that either regularly sell musical instruments or are selling over 10 instruments that are in some way interesting.

I will try and be inclusive of all types of musical instruments but it is likely that these listing are more strings focused.


For Auctions with small numbers of instruments for sale at general auction you are best to look online at the Sale Room / Live Auctioneers / Invaluable / Cata Wiki / Good Will etc.







I now have a dodgy YouTube Channel where I just browse the catalogs and talk rubbish, if you want to watch the videos check HERE.


(LAST UPDATED 3rd February 2023)

Please note that this list is continually being updated to be as accurate as possible, but auction dates often shift on a regular basis without warning.

In date order:           January ---> December





(UK) STROUD AUCTIONS -  January 11th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://www.stroudauctions.co.uk/auctions/January-11th-and-12th-2023?page=3

(FRANCE) Vichy -  January 18th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/vente-dinstruments-du-quatuor-602155/

(GER) HISTORIA -  January 20th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://katalog.historia.de/en/objekte/au-107/ac-59/162auktion/collectibles?Lstatus=1&pagesize=96

(UK) TWGAZE -  January 24th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://auctions.twgaze.co.uk/catalogue/c44cff4089003ca3527f729af1d7963f/8a390ef7ce02b4a94fa666f3e767067e/musical-instruments/

(UK) AMATI -  January 25th (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1097-amati-specialist-25th-january/detail



(UK) TENNANTS -  February 1st (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://auctions.tennants.co.uk/auction/details/sc54-scientific--musical-instruments-cameras--tools/?au=14022

(UK) MCTears -  February 2nd (2023) - Musical Instruments -https://www.mctears.co.uk/auction/details/-keeping-time-clocks-musical--scientific-instruments/?au=1463

(USA) JULIENS  February 5th (2023) - Guitars (Charity Auction) - https://www.julienslive.com/auctions/catalog/id/453

(USA) TARISIO T2  February 9th (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/?csid=2199797760&showall=1&pg=0

(FRANCE) COUTANCES  February 11th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/instruments-de-musique-604708/

(UK) AMATI  February 22nd (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1098-amati-affordable-22nd-february/detail

(GER) TARISIO  February 27th (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction-calendar/




(UK) ANDERSON GARLAND  March 1st (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://www.andersonandgarland.com/auction-calendar/

(UK) GARDINER HOULGATE March 8th (2023) - Guitars - https://www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/calendar-of-sales

(UK) GARDINER HOULGATE March 9th (2023) - Guitars - https://www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/calendar-of-sales

(UK) GARDINER HOULGATE March 10th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/calendar-of-sales

(USA) TARISIO  March 16th (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction-calendar/

(GER) Galerie Moenius  March 18th (2023) - Musical Instruments -https://konto.galerie-moenius.de/de/objekte?Astatus=2&Lstatus=0

(UK) TARISIO  March 27th (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction-calendar/

(UK) BROMPTON'S  March 27th (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://www.bromptons.co/contact/

(UK) PIANO AUCTION LTD  March 28th (2023) - Pianos - hhttps://pianoauctions.co.uk/auction-calendar

(UK) INGLES & HAYDAY  March 28th (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://ingleshayday.com/next-auction/

(UK) AMATI  March 29th (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1099-amati-specialist-29th-march/detail

(FRANCE) Vichy  March 29th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/vente-en-live-a-14-h-instruments-a-vent-et-cordes-pincees-detude-602157/

(FRANCE) Apollium  March 30th (2023) - Musical Instruments - http://www.apollium.fr/catalogue/calendrier



(USA) TARISIO T2  April (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://t2-auctions.com/



(FRANCE) Vichy  May 5th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/vente-en-live-a-14-h-instruments-a-vent-et-cordes-pincees-602165/

(FRANCE) Vichy  May 6th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/vente-en-live-a-14-h-instruments-a-vent-et-cordes-pincees-602167/

(USA) Heritage  May 9th (2023) - Guitars - https://entertainment.ha.com/heritage-auctions-schedule.s?category=entertainment&view=current&sort=&activities=1|1|1|1|1|1&num=0&ln=30

(FRANCE) Vichy  May 30th (2023) - Stringed Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/commissaire-priseur/laurent-etienne-et-sas-vichy-encheres-45/

(FRANCE) Apollium  May 30th (2023) - Musical Instruments - http://www.apollium.fr/catalogue/calendrier

(FRANCE) Vichy  May 31st (2023) - Stringed Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/commissaire-priseur/laurent-etienne-et-sas-vichy-encheres-45/



(FRANCE) Vichy  June 1st (2023) - Stringed Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/vente-dinstruments-du-quatuor-602172/

(FRANCE) Apollium  June 10th (2023) - Musical Instruments - http://www.apollium.fr/catalogue/calendrier

(GER) TARISIO  June 12th (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction-calendar/

(UK) PIANO AUCTION LTD  June 13th (2023) - Pianos - hhttps://pianoauctions.co.uk/auction-calendar

(UK) GARDINER HOULGATE March 14th (2023) - Guitars - https://www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/calendar-of-sales

(UK) GARDINER HOULGATE March 15th (2023) - Guitars - https://www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/calendar-of-sales

(UK) GARDINER HOULGATE March 16th (2023) - Antique Guitars - https://www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/calendar-of-sales

(UK) GARDINER HOULGATE March 16th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/calendar-of-sales



(USA) Heritage  July 30th (2023) - Guitars - https://www.ha.com/heritage-auctions-schedule.s?category=www&view=current&sort=&activities=1|1|1|1|1|1&num=240&ln=30





(UK) PIANO AUCTION LTD  September 19th (2023) - Pianos - hhttps://pianoauctions.co.uk/auction-calendar





(USA) Heritage  November 12th (2023) - Guitars - https://www.ha.com/heritage-auctions-schedule.s?category=www&view=current&sort=&activities=1|1|1|1|1|1&num=270&ln=30




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Historia auction up - the instruments are listed under the collectibles section. Most of the things are listed together, but there are also a few things randomly across the collectibles section,

(GER) HISTORIA  January 20th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://katalog.historia.de/en/objekte/au-107/ac-59/162auktion/collectibles?Lstatus=1&pagesize=96

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24 minutes ago, deans said:

How many auctions does one country need? Seems like everyone in UK has a violin for sale.

The UK and France do have a lot of auctions that sell musical instruments, but these are not necessarily specialist auctions. However, it is not uncommon for general auctions to have quite a large number of violins or other instruments for sale.

The UK is Indeed pretty full of musical instruments in general.



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A very interesting auction coming up in Germany on the 18th March.

Not so much from a violin point of view, but there are some significant other musical instruments up for sale.

(GER) Galerie Moenius  March 18th (2023) - Musical Instruments -https://konto.galerie-moenius.de/de/objekte?Astatus=2&Lstatus=0

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