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How does Super Nikco achieve the shine?


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Davide Sora posted a partial MSDS, but it appears to be mostly Tripoli/ rottenstone in an aqueous mixture of solvents, so it appears to be a very mild abrasive that cleans up easily. The nice thing about Tripoli is that it breaks down ever finer as you use it, and is the main ingredient in all kinds of rubbing and polishing compounds. I use Meguiars rubbing compounds myself, because they are inexpensive, convenient, and leave absolutely no contamination.

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The definition for inert varies by country and type of product. However, the general definition of "inert" in consumer products means an ingredient intentionally added that has low toxicity for the intended use.

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6 hours ago, Davide Sora said:

The safety data sheet does not mention abrasives, but only solvents which are the ones that could cause toxicity problems. I do not think it is mandatory to mention inert non-toxic or non-poisonous powders in the MSDS.



I have applied for the  NJ right to know  MSDS

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