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Private Luthier Recommendations in NYC?


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I think you misread the first name - you are probably thinking of Georg Wörnle, who was spelled in Latin as Georgius on the labels. According to encyclopedias (e.g. Lütgendorff) he worked in Mittenwald around 1760 and is considered a good maker (see attached photo for Lütgendorff's entry).
Other information on the history of violin making in Mittenwald can be found on the website of the Geigenbaumuseum Mittenwald: https://www.geigenbaumuseum-mittenwald.de. There you can also find contact details of experts who can tell you more.


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13 hours ago, Chai said:

Hi, I am researching a violin (authenticated in 1973) having been  made by a "Georgina Wörnle" in the 1760's.

"Authenticated in 1973" as such means less than nothing on it's own. In general it always depends of who authenticated it, if it was a knowledgeable person in South German violins of the period or just someone else. Research in regards of Mittenwald wasn't very advanced during this time, and the names of Mittenwald makers were randomly put in and on millions of trade violins from elsewhere. Real Mittenwalds of this period are very rare, and a Wörnle label was easily photocopied from Lüttgendorff or another book.

So the first thing we need to see are significant photos of the instrument it self and the name of the certifier.

For comparison, this thread https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/330172-wornle/ discussed one of the usual G.Wörnle fakes listed in Ebay and pictured a violin which might be or might be not from this family, but looks at least like an 18th century Mittenwald.


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Yes, you are most certainly correct. That will help me head in the right direction in terms of research. I'll further inspect the paperwork to double check how it was actually spelled.

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As others mentioned there is little info in the books about this specific maker, you would probably have to go to Mittenwald to learn more about the person, if anyone knows anything.

But it might be good to have your instrument re-evaluated before you spend a lot of time focusing on George Wornle. I think a lot of people, like BF, will question the 1973 appraiser. Make sure its at least an old M-wald instrument, which should be easy for most appraisers. It would'nt be very satisfying learning lot about Wornle if the violin is a 19th century Saxon.


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  • Chai changed the title to Rare Violin by Georgius Wöernle c.1760.

If anyone has the email for Thomas Wöernle of the Mittenwald violin making school - descendant of the revered Georgius Wöernle who crafted violins in Mittenwald circa 1760's, I'd very much appreciate if you could let me know. Many thanks.

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  • Chai changed the title to Private Luthier Recommendations in NYC?

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