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Old violins from Germany / Part 1


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Hi everyone

I discovered your amazing forum and I would like to ask about some instruments I found in Germany recently.
My wife and I are always interested in those old instruments, as they may be used by our students who don't have an instrument yet for financial reasons or because they don't want to invest right away in an instrument. And we don't really want to tell them to buy some cheap chinese violin online, so the idea is also to give a second life to these instruments. 

The idea would be to restore these instruments, but please let me know if it's worth it...

So, I will post 5 violins.

This is the first one, seems to be allright, sounded good, body length 35,5


Thank you so much in advance for helping me satisfy my curiosity! 


P.S.: sorry for the pictures, I did my best with my phone... 


















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This is an in expensive student instrument from the vicinity of Markneukirchen . They were made in the hundreds of thousands and varied in quality with most being like this one made for beginning students. it would need a bridge, soundpost, pegs, tailpiece, strings and fingerboard work to be usable. There are modern Chinese instruments which are better violins than this which could be bought for less than the cost of the restoration.


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They used a very distinctive model, also a particular opaque varnich with darkened chst ("moustache") and acid antiquing. Possibly the scroll was even bought in from Schönbach. Also the belly looks like made of one piece.

Last but not least it's bearing the quite typical "Stradivarius 1721" label with a certain letter font.

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6 hours ago, Blank face said:

It looks more like a French "cheap and nasty" sort of Caussin school.


6 hours ago, Ratcliffiddles said:

I couldn't agree more

For something so dreadful, it's getting a lot of attention.

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7 hours ago, Gtone said:

These can sound quite nice ,worth setting up.:)


OP has said it sounds good too. I'm disappointed that this old fiddle is being bashed. I'm not a fan of antiqueing but it's got character. 

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3 hours ago, sospiri said:

I'm not a fan of antiqueing but it's got character. 

Yes I have kept one of these,doesn't get alot of playing but has got a nice character like the OP

with the same seal on the button although mine has worn a bit more.

Would like know where these come from besides what Peter and Blankface have already said.

Caussin school,Neufchâteau or Mirecourt is all I have ever found out.

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