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Violin caught nose cold after top removal


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My violin had a sick sound for a while, and I took it for repairs. The top was removed, and cracks on the top plate fixed with cleats. Some work was also done on the varnish.

The sickly, weak sound is no more, and there are nice overtones on every string.

The G sounds great, the D is fine, but the upper register and particularly the A.... it has become nasally. As if it has its nose clogged. This wasn't an issue before the repair.


I tried moving the soundpost closer to the bridge, but that just made the overall sound harsher.

I tried a different, longer soundpost,  placed more towards the center of the violin, again no effect.

I changed the tailgut, from kevlar to a nylon one, no real change.

I also put a new A (thomastic dominant), didn't change much.


Is there anything else I could try? Or ask for a luthier to check? Another thought I had, was maybe the violin just needs time to adjust after having the top reglued? It's only been a couple of weeks and I haven't been really playing much on it (due to the fact that I don't enjoy it that much anymore).


Thank you

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