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Beethoven Symphony No. 5 for Solo Violin

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Have you seen the Eine Kleine by Roman Kim?  This dude is amazing.

And what's going on with his fingerboard?  Looks like fret marks.

And his use of the right thumb is great! I do this on the guitar but have never though to do it on the violin.

And....I know, it is grammatically incorrect and/or frowned upon to start a sentence with "And."

And, it is more than his technique and ability.  He is thinking outside the box as to how to achieve certain sounds and phrases.  The most impressive thing for me is that Mr. Kim has the mind to be able to orchestrate, transpose, and arrange a symphony to be played by a single violin.  

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Tried my best to see Roman live. Have paid many several times over for his arrangements. He is young, hard working and young. He has performed several times within an hours drive and yet, prior comments made it difficult to hear him play.  

It is difficult to know/ anticipate how Beethoven felt when composing the 5th. Though it appears the 3rd has often received more attention than the 5th the last 20 years ( thanks Carlos ) the work is still explosively vital. It does not matter what Roman how he presents Beethoven, because it is now Roman. I look a bit harshly at his presentation because it is important, and relevant.

What Roman is offering exposes what is entirely wrong with what the current musical schools and tradition offer. But it does offer a solution. I have my opinions and reverence as to Beethoven. Much like better and established art, it informs me of what to do. But I do not always get it.

If he has solved the 5th for solo violin, I regret this post. But not including my superficial academic analysis of the Norton score for analysis ( along with "faun" and the "40" which are worth owning ) Beethoven is the watermelon size onion that has layer after layer. Has garnered my attention, but, if he had written a string quartet of the 5th, which is mostly completed in the piano four hand version, I would offer even more money.

He's close. He needs to get past jokers like me and play. It's complicated. I can virtually conduct the work without score... but his arrangement needs to consider Beethoven's length, If Roman spotlights the composer's choices, intents, it might scale better. Before Berlioz, Beethoven explored the entire orchestra, more so than Haydn or Mozart. A bit more work and the solo work genre has another composer/ arranger on more graduating recitals.

Having lunch here with a friend, noticed that slow synth cello in a minor key is like the elegy of an arc of a television episode. I noticed it on Game of Thrones, which I finally saw during the pandemic. But having heard the "cellos" while taking a bite of and chewing on some tough salmon, looking briefly at the screen, there was much sadness visually expressed.

Look forward to seeing him soon.


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Mind blown.  Fantastic 4 part harmonies/harmonics.  Thumb stuff.  Bow arm. 

I have seen him live several times, including at a private party.   Nyahaha, go practice. :-) lulz  Maybe move to Socal or Germany?

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Damn... parties no less.

I acknowledged that the techniques are important. But the Bobby McFarrins, Michael Hedges style innovators are rare. Difficult to find like mentors/ teachers. There is a great genre of crazy guitar compositions too but the classical guitar world is so divided. I see what they are trying, so Roman's body of work is no doubt great., but I want it to be lasting. Hopefully, his original compositions will also flourish. Wynton Marsallis has composed a half a dozen symphonies. Has anyone at this forum heard one? He is the beacon of perhaps what might become the most important genre of music in the later half of this century.

Eastern San Gabrials. I have looked at apartments just outside of Berlin. The housing was way cheaper but the overall cost of living was a bit too much. Australia, too, but a bit too isolated. Singapore, HK, Tokyo were way more expensive.

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You on the west side bro.

At one point, I worked on trying to create a north/ south, east/ west rivalries for fun, but hardly anyone bit. The freaks up at CalArts were the only ones interested but they are not even considered SoCal.  

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Yes; a friend's daughter who qualified for CalArts, but in the end didn't even apply, as Cal Arts is not only seemingly not SoCal, but so far away it is considered out in the sticks, way far (Valencia, CA). There is nothing of consequence around it, sadly.

I heard Kim's first concerto (though not a World premier, it was a west of the rockies premier, he played it here with Santa Monica Symphony (free for all), then we all (orchestra and friends) went out drinking... :-) 

I have heard at least one of Marsallis's oeuvres, but don't quite remember where.  Prob a PBS speccial or some such? I think Kim is also very innovative, especially when he does some rock n roll, but semi-classical style without abandoning rock roots (the Doors, Deep Purple, etc.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ixLgdSD43Y With harmonics, bow, and other new and newish techniques, he gets the violin to sound like an electric guitar.... His intonation is spot on.

I have heard him practice.  He is a perfectionist, and practices incessantly.  It drove everyone crazy in the house where he was staying...



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