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Odd Violin Identification


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1 hour ago, GeorgeH said:

Hi MaryS,

14.25" = 362mm

Violins with LOB greater than 360mm are much harder to sell than violins with LOBs around 355mm.

Violins with double purfling ("Maggini models") are harder to sell because most classical players prefer Cremonese-maker models. 

I think you could do much better for $2,000 than buying an oversized Maggini-model trade violin with significant repaired damage.

Agreed. There are many better places to spend your money. There are so many decent violins available on Ebay that the market just can't buy them all. I bought that Neuner & Hornsteiner I mentioned a couple of days ago out of Munich, but another fairly nice  Mittenwald violin with varnish problems sold out of California yesterday for $311 to a friend of mine. I wasn't going to bid on it because of the varnish problems, but there's no doubt it can be easily made to look presentable and will become a good player for someone. Just not in my mix. Among your local shoppers, Reverb, Facebook, EBay, and other outlets, there is no point buying anything that's not an iron clad bargain, IMHO. And don't buy without right of approval / inspection in hand.

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56 minutes ago, GeorgeH said:

They also often don't fit well in snug violin cases! 

I suspect Strad gave up on his long pattern violins when he couldn't get the case makers to make non standard cases for him--it had nothing to do with acoustics or aesthetics.

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6 hours ago, waldguy said:

The lines on the top of the peg box would seem to indicate it.

I missed those. The resolution isn't high enough to see if they are scratched or not (as Michael suggested). A better picture would help, for sure.

However, given that the volute appears to have been knocked off, it would not be a stretch to surmise that the neck was damaged in the same incident, and was replaced.

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