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Henri Temianka, any memories?

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I had to meet the son of a friend at Chapman University in ( Orange county near Disneyland ) Southern California. Has much more of a feel like at Oberlin or Pomona, physically, rather than that of a big school in a big city. Could not find a candy shop. He, the son, wanted to stay over the summer and was looking for a place and wanted a hand when talking to the landlord. I had not been on campus for quite a few years. Father wanted a report, too busy to fly west. Very fine ensembles including the Pacific Symphony have performed in the hall on campus.

Southern California has an immense number of halls, many quite good, but many are not properly booked. I realize that halls are expensive but I have performed in more than 50 large halls that were excellent. I would guess that if a major orchestra chose, they could book a weeks worth of programming easily in different spaces every night. There also must be thousands of homes capable of easily seating 100 guests. I was at a home on Tuesday that regularly hosts pop artists from the UK. Many campuses also have in excess of three halls of various sizes, including Cal State Fullerton, which also possess very fine spaces, maybe miles from Chapman? Nobody is courageous enough to create an arts leader for the region, but that would be amazing. Currently with other social difficulties, why the arts? Can it happen at once?

In walking near the concert hall, the bust of Henri Temianka was displayed with many other famous influential persons that dotted around the perimeter of a fine grassy open space directly in front of the hall. The Chapel is also very well suited for sound. I never would have considered the school when growing up, but the kids on campus looked happier than most.

Temianka was often the favorite of many violinists I had known as their teacher and person/ mentor. I met him once with a group he was greeting but having very little experience around famous players at the time, just listened passively to the banter. Having made efforts to meet so many people later in life, what an opportunity lost.

There was one woman who I shared a stand for several seasons and she would whisper stories during breaks about him. I gradually developed a fond appreciation for the teacher, not having studied with him and as more stories unfolded became interested enough to remain attentive. Only Ricci is remembered with such fondness among the players I know and they are becoming old timers. I do not know of him as a person. No one said anything about his life. Some where in the piles is a cd from Biddulph's which, again, I am sooo grateful for someone else's proactive actions. 

As one of an important era and not having passed away too long ago, are there those who remember him or his instruments? Apparently there are resources online, and I will better immerse myself into, about him. Did not know he was born in Scotland, where scotch tape originated from...

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Henri Temianka was a good friend of my father, who was dean of faculty at CSULB when Temianka was violin faculty there. I was very young but was aware throughout my school years of his impact on the musical life in California, particularly his formation of the California Chamber Orchestra. 

I believe he played a Storioni.

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Thank you. Long Beach also had a ( great, important ) youth orchestra program that went back years, like when I was a kid. I might have to pay better attention to posts.

Weisshaar's sold quite a few house branded instruments to those kids. I own a house brand instrument. 

I am on Campuses ( campi? ) all the time. I do not think so much of the faculty or administrations but was struck by the sculpture of Temianka. That some people decided that he was of importance... I have a Temianka signed program around here somewhere... there is a comprehension of all the ( proper ) things that people do in their lives. We try as a whole, to achieve the best outcomes, correct? There are plaques every where at schools, and I received a "named" scholarship and met the man who could have cared less of my having received the award in his name.

Will have to re- research CCO. They had excellent programs, I was told. Might try recreating some of those programs.

Yes, the Storioni. And a few Strads. Hopefully, will spend some time this weekend reading up.

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The link is great. Thank you. Have not heard these recordings for what becomes obvious reasons. Great live performances, not the restrained/ controlled studio sound, historic pairings and instruments. 

It is a bit of an investment in time, and due to the nature of people interested in rare recordings, the first cut is very difficult to hear clearly. But everything else is quite good and clearly presented. Not to be flippant, but their quartet performances are what I aspire to perform and teach. I should have kept a list and times and works. The Debussy and Ravel are very much more how I hear and perform them... Tempi perhaps a bit different. The lines fuse and de-fuse and especially in the slow mvmt of the Debussy SQ ( near the end of the video ) the importance of what Debussy was creating was presented one line at a time. Listeners might create their on mental imagery but as this is spring time with birds full of straw and string, each line as they lay over and intertwine create a 3D tapestry until the object becomes apparent. I used to sell the imagery of walking thorough a wet foggy forest in the early morning and the branches, floating, pass by until one is in the middle of the grove. Tone production is similarly broad and rich, allowing for an increase in contrast.  

The lines are clear and audible. Even for a Haydn Op20, the inner voices are much more integral to the flow of the works and the playfulness of the parts fit in the rhythmic stabs/ ebb and flow. And on a crummy $200 laptop.  

There is 3rd mvmt to the Bach double with Szyerng is fun and how they settle into their ways of playing. The "trainwreck" at the end is almost a given as the performers are so into it. A chamber orchestra, with double soloists, performers elated, you almost do not want the mvmt to end.

Wow, will have to go back and listen on another laptop then on a larger system.  


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He got forty francs for his first conducting job, at the theatre la salle, even though he didnt have to much conducting.

He also played a stradivarius which had belonged at one time to paganinni, and at one time someone tried to steal from him.

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