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Violin Identification Help


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Hi There

I was just wondering if anyone could help me with identifying anything about the maker of this violin. It has been in our family for about 40 years after being given to my aunt in New Zealand. Although it has cracks (that are repaired), it has the most beautiful tone with a resonating sound. It was in storage for a number of years and not played but it held its tune ridiculously well over that time. It has no label on the inside of the violin however there is faint handwriting on the back that I cannot make out besides a year which states “1832”. 

if anyone could assist it would be GREATLY appreciated! CFC22CF9-1A2D-4675-8872-7D35EB2F7342.thumb.jpeg.6948610f39d037323f1e33e9328fdd76.jpeg0C861706-C9FA-4CA7-A6FB-CBF0BFD96C1B.thumb.jpeg.9e679eb9596e776c0b592c441df80ca9.jpeg83B6785F-C3F8-47BC-8426-13705E0920D1.thumb.jpeg.24e96767204bb2ad13a3d035d943a1ae.jpeg04029552-3F24-4D8D-80DB-55C909347144.thumb.jpeg.33bb2046d8b09506457847f138bb16ad.jpeg2D2DE4BB-48B7-4375-AAEC-245ACE954F44.thumb.jpeg.9d98b8e7142c251a2786c6ad0dde5595.jpeg4C217903-9AD3-49C9-8E79-39FF6D050CD5.thumb.jpeg.df1e234a02a77084c30d5407b39de96e.jpeg3658D1E8-E09D-4A46-98C2-F4F14D1C6313.thumb.jpeg.d0f19fcdea5431117db5a0e3bc1e4df7.jpeg


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6 minutes ago, Blank face said:

This might point to an origin from the Netherlands, supported by the very clear and bright yellow varnish. Is the scroll grfated (I suppose so)?

Yes you are correct - it is grafted ! 

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