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Funny story....So yesterday ..my wife was cleaning out the attic for our upcoming move and found in a box (a box I received a violin in many years ago) what appeared to be a something long wrapped up in bubble wrap. After carefully removing the wrap I found three bows. Two of which were decent student bows and this silver mounted bow. The only thing I can figure is the owner threw in the three bows without telling me and I mistook it for packaging material. 

Looks to be an old German stick that was played hard over the years taking into account the wear of the thumb projection. The frog is rather petite with a faint brand above players side.  I wonder if the brass end cap on adjuster is original? Any thoughts on what shop it came out of?  Thanks. 















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It might be if the bottom one is silver plate. I have a very similar ae prager where the button is brass. It was silver plated and worn away ….. actually looking at the stick there are a bunch of similarities 

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2 hours ago, Jwillis said:

...I have a[n]...ae prager where the button is brass. It was silver plated and worn away...

I have never heard of such a thing.  How do you know your button is original?  If the plating is worn away, how do you know it was plated?

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3 hours ago, Jwillis said:

And i believe the OP’s ferrule is plated silver as well. You can see the the difference between the silver and copper brass base metal



Everything is sterling except for the screw cap brass fitting and nickel underslide. Also brand looks like the last two letters are “on”?


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4 hours ago, fiddlecollector said:

Could also be BAUSCH . The stick looks like abeille wood.

Yes, It could be BAUSCH. Looks like there could be what remains of an L as well. I’m never that good on wood type. Here is a better pic of the grain. Thanks for the help. 


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16 minutes ago, Brad Dorsey said:

There appears to be something between the frog tongue and the curved part of the ferrule, perhaps some sort of shim.  What can you make of that?

If your referring to this…it is some kind of a threaded eyelet spacer.  


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1 hour ago, Brad Dorsey said:

I'm not.  I'm referring to something, perhaps a shim, that appears to be between the frog tongue and the curved part of the ferrule.

Ok…I’m a little slow today. That you’re referring to was just dirt and tarnish. 


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