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Nice try, but the analogy doesn't quite work. :P

There wouldn't be one website for everything.  There would still be a kazillion websites and people would still have a kazillion options available.

They would just have to suffer by not having a kazillion x 4 (or whatever amount) of alternate web-based options.

Seriously...if you are already on the internet (and who isn't?)...how is it 'harder' to use an 'old-school' website than it is to use Instagram?

Answer:  It's not.

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Still not feeling it.

Let's say I am selling violins and ONLY OLD SCHOOL websites exist (no other venues).  I have an OLD SCHOOL  website.  If someone wants a violin and they Google "violin retailers" my name will show up...along with every other OLD SCHOOL violin seller with a website.

The buyer can then sort through the list of names and browse the selected OLD SCHOOL websites.

How is this difficult or restrictive?

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Needed repetitive clarification ;D
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FWIW...I don't buy/sell a lot from the on-line 'classified ads' such as Kijiji, but at least it's straightforward.  Haven't had any problems.

But it seems there's a movement towards Facebook Marketplace.  I recently bought some standing planters from there (not a problem, but was more work to organize than a Kijiji purchase).

I found Facebook Marketplace more confusing and less convenient.  It's as if there's something shady or untrustworthy about it. Again, I don't understand why it's becoming more popular. 

And not only do I have to sort through local ads on Marketplace, immediately I am inundated by the 'flea market' ads that come from all over. I have no interest in those, but I can't turn them off.  There are some on Kijiji as well, but they seem much easier to avoid/ignore.

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