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As a parent, they have provided the 13 yr old through her early years a cultural sense of importance and belonging with the violin. We live pretty rurally, none of her friends has any idea of what she does.

I think their violins are by an American maker, but can't find the video right now....

So TwoSet's humor and accessibility have been useful and supportive, and I think that is true for a generation on violinists.

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On 4/26/2022 at 7:51 AM, violinnewb said:

Poor comparison at best. Wayne and Garth were portrayed as idiots with very little intelligence.  

Brett and Eddy seem to be intelligent and many of their videos educate the public.  

This is an interesting conversation. For the thousands of kids who do not understand why they play, TwoSet are a reference point. I teach a half dozen 10 year olds and they all know TwoSet. Not all videos appeal to them, but these primary school kids are better prepared for what I have to offer. I rarely teach pre-teens, but these kids despite not being able to play at first, are very prepared to learn. Of course, they also are aware of other kids in their schools that play well.

It is too difficult to open up the discussion to the positive and the negatives of any utube celebrities. They are available and they offer something ( hopefully not filling a void ) for many.

I used to teach a current tuber ( yes, a potato ) who makes as much in a month, I am assuming, as I currently make in two years. They have metrics that have to be evaluated and realize their time is finite. I am impressed by this kid but there are a lot of pressures in being successful, making more than their parents. And the sad thing is that they realize the time is finite. I saw the same kid at a thrift store buying a shirt. 

Wayne and Garth expressed how they felt with reasonable honesty. Basement or an isolated room, TwoSet are reasonably honest, and genuine in that naive sort of way, and young enough that their appeal is a bit more broad. TwoSet sell products. Wayne and Garth did not. Both would not like to "sellout" but are working the opposite ends of the business. Podcasts for adults? Wayne and Garth questioned authorities and conventions and we all watch with the thoughts that somethings might need a shakeup. TwoSet are more into how to navigate, implying that work might equal success. In the long term, kids understand that the reality is much more difficult than implied. Wayne and Garth have no pretentiousness implied in what they do or how they act. Garth is surprisingly emotional with a need to hurl often. TwoSet are surprisingly complementary while Garth, however sensible and sensitive, is the side kick.

I think Maestro Rieu, the big boss, is genuine in that he is a showman but the products are good. It may not be High- Art but I think his enesemble played Shosti Waltz 2? There are many older people in retirement enjoy Rieu's work. I will say that the dvds are better value. I think a Rieu production costs more than the 4th final tour of the Rolling Stones.

Wayne and Garth, the production, is far more intelligent than anything TwoSet will currently offer. Writers and higher production values cost money. But access to Curtis was informative and some kids will aspire to go there. Getting in, is another matter. For some parents, the video is a boost or a vitamin. The videos offer a slice into what it might take to become a musician, from a practical sense. For others, it puts practice into perspective, that we all some how do it and the results vary wildly. The fictional Ling Ling is important, that it is not realistic to become a professional musician.

The guys are humble and they are coping, so it seems, as the rest of us. I see the actor David Spade from time to time during my travels and have to say that his appeal, however jaded he appears on television, is that he is making a living like the rest of us. Access to information gives the illusion that the differences between those visible and those behind phones are somewhat similar. Since there is so much effect, smoke and mirrors, illusion, out there that something that feels genuine is a bit more precious or appealing to more than a few kids.

Will TwoSet have to change? Yes. 

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Hmm...wonder what I'd want more?  A $20 million dollar violin, $20 million dollars...OR...to have $20 million disposable income...

Tsk...such a difficult choice! Thank goodness it's all entirely academic! 

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I like them. Would have been nice if they said what Mr. Widenhouse charges. Perhaps they get a discount--it is great marketing.

On 5/4/2022 at 2:11 AM, Rue said:

I don't think they exposed anything new, since it's widely known to happen.

But it is nice that they mentioned it, given their large audience.

Yes. I was hoping their "dark secrets" would be some of the more obscure things which only "real" insiders know. But for their wider audience this point about commissions to teachers was worth making.  The reason teacher commissions are suspect--I'd argue, illegal in many jurisdictions, if it were ever tested in court (and I have published an article in a leading law journal on duties of good faith)--is that the parents who are affected are not aware of them. When my parents a contemplated a new instrument, they felt overhwelmed by the generosity and selfnesses of a teacher who offered to come to the shop in their own time and provide "free" advice on selecting a violin.

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Does the price matter? I know some are interested but why? The pricing would have to be in $usd.

In the past twenty years, I have yet to ask for any discount. I pay full retail at the counter. In several instances, I received a "discount" from a maker ( s ) because the final product was not to their regular standards. They offered the reduction. In exchange, I do not endorse their products but anybody who asks to try them are free to and form opinions.

Virtually any maker who has a waiting list does not need to market themselves, in the general sense.

TwoSet are not advertising as many other higher profile utubers. They sell stuff. They might start endorsing, like strings, but even if I endorse a rosin company, how often will I need a cake? Strings can be a ripoff, but frankly if more kids regularly changed strings, the costs might slowly come down. Do I believe the repetitive capitalist cry of supply and demand? No, but am grateful for Prelude strings. A bowed string instrument without strings is useless. Strings are, in general, overpriced. 

Let me acknowledge my fine friends: *Swanson's Frozen Dinners* Yay! *Chicken Pot Pies* Wow! Please read this message to the end and ring the bell. Click here to subscribe if any of this information was helpful.

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Not too surprising that some want to criticize them. Makes you sound like an old fart, but ironically, having to be forceful about opinion is all the rage these days. Can’t just not like comedians, have to tell the world about it. 

As mentioned, they are bringing an audience to every concert in America that would absolutely not exist without them. They are incredibly relevant.

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Something nice for encouraging the younger, and some adults, wanting to play violin is the way they emphasize the importance of practice.  I think it helps them promoting learning playing violin is the way they have very successful concert violinists, such as Hillary Hahn and Ray Chen, participating in their shows.

As for their show set-up, a recent episode introduced their new background, an actual room with furniture rather than a blank wall.

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Yes...watched that one. About time! ^_^

Although I also quite appreciate that they didn't rush out and spend a fortune on backgrounds and equipment all at once and early on.

All that came about gradually over time - as it should. I think that says a lot about them as well; that they seem to be grounded

Hopefully they stay humble. 

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5 hours ago, Rue said:

Hopefully they stay humble. 

Probably.  On youtube they have "superchats" or something, where ppl send the presenter money during a live chat.  One I caught with them had a fortune coming in.  $20, $50, $200, $500 coming in, a check coming in about every ten seconds.  A fortune just right there.

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I've never seen the "superchat" in action with twoset violin.  Are you talking about Patreon, which is a subsidiary of Youtube which facilitates raising money?  I don't oppose making it possible to raise money via Youtube as long as it doesn't interrupt the show.

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I have never participated in a 'chat', because I really don't see the point.  Most posts are totally inane and if there are a lot of participants the chat flows by so quickly you can't follow it in any meaningful way.

But - if those participants enjoy having a 'real time' interaction with a favourite YouTuber (however banal it may be) - go right ahead.  And, if is a worthwhile income stream for the YouTuber, they'd be silly not to take advantage of it.

I realize having a YouTube channel, and an Instagram channel, and a Twitter channel and a TikTok channel and a Facebook page and, and, and...whatever other channel maybe be popular, is the current reality.  And that managing all of them is what one needs to do to make a living.

Personally, maybe (likely :rolleyes:) because I'm old, I find there's so much overwhelming redundancy, I refuse to feel obligated to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Plus, I like websites.  That would be enough for me.  I'm also good with YouTube and I can see some benefits from being on Facebook. The rest I don't engage with.

*One thing I don't understand is why websites are unpopular.  I find them a lot less confusing than the other venues.

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Yes.  But we don't need to ensure there's something for everyone.

If all that existed were websites, then 'everyone' would use websites.  It would work just as well.  I would even hazard it might work better since the populace wouldn't be running all over the place looking for something that suits them 'better' and getting lost in the process.

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